Posted by: rajtravel | February 22, 2010

Surfing in Fiji!!!!!

Raj Travel has great package deal to Fiji for surfers . This is the time you can enjoy surfing in Fiji. We have group rates for the surfers. 

Season runs from April to October, although quality waves can be found year-round, the rain and humidity can be intense though in southern hemisphere’s summer. A wetsuit is never needed. A good rash vest and sunscreen is though!

SeaShell Surf & Dive resort, which is a nice budget place to stay (Since then it has changed management). And gives you the chance to surf top quality breaks that equal cloudbreak for only a fraction of the price! It’s also a good place to meet fellow like-minded surf travellers.

This resort is pretty much the first resort that took a boat out to Cloudbreak. But as you have probably heard Tavarua claims to “own” the right to surf cloudbreak.

About Tavarua:

Pure paradise. There is no other way to describe it. You can walk around the entire island in fifteen minutes, and all you’ll see are beautiful white-sand beaches surrounded by peeling lefts that actually become more hollow as they race down the reef. The island itself is inhabited by a local tribe from the big island of Fiji and their chief, Druku.

With the exception of the occasional rare day of foul weather, you are pretty much guaranteed to score while you are on Tavarua. Guests stay for a week at a time, and it’s very rare for there not to be swell sometime in that window. There’s a reef about a mile out from the big island that’s the home of the infamous Cloudbreak. The first surfers to camp on these beaches didn’t even venture out there for the first five years, instead, they waited for the reef that surrounds tiny little Tavarua to break. This reef has a left called Restaurants and a right that is simply called “The Right,” which faces the dining, extensive deck, and pool areas. When The Right breaks, it’s easily one of the best waves in world. If Restaurants is breaking, that means there’s enough swell that you could have surfed the best waves of your life all day at Cloudbreak, leaving your arms like noodles, barely strong enough to lift that cold beer to your face as you watch the boat drivers get shacked.

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