Posted by: rajtravel | July 26, 2011

Top 10 Travel Tips

My sister came up to me and was all happy about her trip to Bahamas….because she was overwhelmed and  excited for her trip which is her birthday gift from her husband (by the way Happy Birthday sis)…she totally overlooked some key factors that would have totally screwed up her vacation…I not only saved her $$$$$, but saved her and her happy family time, hassle, frustration at the airport and not forgetting a 5 day getaway to Bahamas….

So here are the Top 10 travel Tips….

1.) Always check that your name matches the name on the passport and that your passport will be 6 months valid at the time of travel….through experience this is the most obvious mistake anyone can make, so avoid the hassle and embarrassment at the airport…

2.) Check your itinerary, go over it thoroughly, discuss with your friends and families just to make sure you have not overlooked the date and Time..(this is exactly what my sister didn’t do)

3.) Divide each person’s belongings amongst all luggage. This is especially important for traveling with a baby, but good for everyone too. just in case the luggage gets lost in transition….

4.) Leave a copy of your travel itinerary with someone at home and keep in regular contact with friends and relatives while overseas or simply register with U.S department of state this will provide a way for you to be contacted if there is a family emergency while you are away.

5.) Know your airplane.  This means you can use to get the details on specific seats you want to request… Be warned: Why be stuck on a seat that you wont be comfortable throughout your flight…

6.) ID your baggage, but don’t lock it…my mom will decorate her bags with duck tapes, so that she can identify her bag before anyone else…pretty smart” MOM”

7. ) Arrive early at the airport; avoid the lines….especially going out of country, tightened security delays everything…

8.) Travel Light, Pack Smart…be prepared either your backpacking, taking long journeys or short, or even a road trip, Travel light people, do not over-pack your luggage, different airlines have different baggage policy, ask your travel agent or do your research, if not you will have to pay the price…

9.) Always purchase Travel Insurance, again for your peace of mind you know you are covered for less then $100.00 for your trip.

10.) Finally relax and enjoy your flight to your dream vacation….after-all Life is a Journey, Travel it well.

Feel free to send in your comments…

Edited by: Zulfi Ali


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