Posted by: rajtravel | September 21, 2011

Will Wi-Fi kill airline seatback entertainment?

On the ground, the Internet, Wi-Fi and portable mobile devices have completely transformed everything from shopping, working and dating to how we get our news and entertainment. But what about off the ground?

One of the last spaces yet to be completely changed by the Internet is the airline cabin, where in-flight entertainment systems with content controlled by the airline and delivered on seatback screens are still the norm.
But now that in-flight Wi-Fi is fast becoming  affordable — in some cases, FREE — and as an increasing number of people travel with their own mobile devices, many predict seatback systems will soon go the way of cassette tapes and film cameras….

“It will be great to see no seatback systems on new planes in five years….well I am just assuming…. Especially on planes flying heavily traveled routes less than five hours in North America, Europe and Asia.

I, for one, would rather have the airline carry my bag or give me some legroom than buy me talking dog movies I have no intention of viewing.”

“It may happen. It probably will happen, but so far it’s not happening. More people will bring their own devices, but are my mom and dad going to take an iPod or iTouch with them on vacation?” ….Something to think about….


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